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Pamper your Dog or a Cat with our dog groomer Debra Livengood at Hodges Animal Hospital.  Debra is one of the best dog groomers in Jacksonville, FL with 27 years of experience.  She offers breed speciality hair cuts. She serves the dog and pet communities in Jax Beach, Atlantic Beach, Mayport and Arlington areas of Jacksonville. 



                                   Debra Livengood




            Hello!! My name is Devra.  I am a professional dog groomer for over 27 years. Bring in your fur babies and let me spoil them.  I offer different kinds of dog breed cuts. My grooming includes:

  • Hair cut 

  • Bath

  • Blow dry

  • Nail Dremel

  • Ear hair plucking

  • Anal gland expression

  • Deshedding treatment


I also offer:

  • Flea dip and flea treatment

  • Spa treatment 

                                                                                 Our pet grooming rates are competitive and affordable. 

                                          CALL US NOW TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT WITH DEBRA



    13947 Beach Blvd #105; Jacksonville, FL 32224

    Phone: 904-992-1888

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