At Hodges Animal Hospital of Jacksonville, FL, we care about your farm animals. Our veterinarians and staff are highly skilled, meticulous, affordable, and supportive. 


Animals A Farm Animal Vet Can Treat

Our farm animal vet can care for pot-bellied pigs, mini pot-bellied pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits, and chickens. 

We also service cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, and ferrets. 

Farm Visits 

It’s not always feasible to get your farm animals into a clinic or office, which is why we at Hodges Animal Hospital of Jacksonville, FL, conveniently offer farm calls. 

During our house calls, we can perform the following services:

  • Wellness Visits and Exams
  • Pig Hoof Trimming
  • Pig Tusk Trimming
  • Vaccinations for all (farm animals and pets)
  • Laboratory Services
  • Minor Wound Repairs
  • Castrations
  • Interstate Health Certificates
  • Prepurchased Exams (PPE)
  • Pregnancy Checks
  • Obstetrics
  • Animal Hospice and Euthanasia 

What to Expect from Our Farm Veterinarian

Whether you visit us or we come out to your farm, we will do everything we can to ensure the health and happiness of your animals. 

During Emergencies

You can expect fast, prompt, and high-quality work from our veterinarians. 

We may sometimes be able to treat your in-distress animal at your farm, or we can bring your animal into one of our three locations for surgery or other advanced procedures. 

During Wellness Visits or Annual Checkups

Our veterinarian will look over your farm animals or pets thoroughly, from nose to tail.

Here are some of the things our farm animal vet checks:

Eye and Gum Exam

The coloring of the eyes and gums can tell a lot about an animal’s health. 

Our farm animal vet may also look at the animal’s teeth to determine if your pet’s teeth are clean and healthy, an appropriate length, unchipped or unbroken, and free of tartar or gum disease. 

The eyes are also examined to detect any cornea changes, new cataracts, glaucoma, and more. 


Our veterinarian will do an assessment of your pet’s weight and score your pet’s body conditioning. We may also put the animal on a scale or use a tape weight to get a rough estimate of the animal’s size and weight. Significant weight loss or weight gain can indicate underlying health problems. 

Skin, Fur, and Feathers

During this examination, the vet sees how oil, dry, or normal an animal’s hair is. Our vet also inspects animals for fur or feather loss, dry patches of skin, lumps, freckles, growths, abscesses, and more. 


Our farm animal vet will listen to the animal’s heartbeat. Heart murmurs or irregular heartbeats can indicate the presence of certain conditions. 


Pet owners and farmers commonly miss ear infections because they are difficult or even impossible to detect.

Request an Appointment with Our Farm Animal Vet Today

To request an appointment with a Hodges Animal Hospital Farm Animal Vet, call us at (904) 992-1888 for the Hodges Beach Location; (904) 549-5883 for the Arlington Location; or (904) 566-6829 for the Race Track Road Location in Hodges. 

You can also request an appointment by filling out our virtual form.

Or feel free to visit us at one of our three convenient locations: 

2570 Race Track Rd #3, Fruit Cove, FL, 32259, US;

13947 Beach Blvd #105, Jacksonville, FL, 32224, US; or

2485 Monument Rd, STE 9, Jacksonville, FL, 32225, US. 

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