Mobile Veterinarian House Calls | Jacksonville, Florida area

House Calls/MOBILE VETERINARY SERVICE/At Home Veterinary Care


If your pet need medical assistance but you don’t have the time to bring them to a clinic or if you cannot bring your big dog or a pig or a goat or if your pet does not like a vet's office or if you want your fur baby to have her last moment in her own bed and house and you are concerned, do not worry, we understand you.  Consider the advantages of using a mobile veterinary service. The team from Animal Hospital Of Hodges in Jacksonville, FL, offers flexible appointment availability six days a week, and we seek to keep our prices fair and affordable. Our highly experienced veterinarian and veterinary technician come to your house to take care of your pet needs. We offer various services.


We are one of the few Animal Hospitals who offer House calls or Mobile Veterinary Services in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Our experienced veterinarian will come to your house to help your pet.  We offer various services

  • Pet Vaccinations

  • Veterinary medicine

  • Wound repair

  • Diagnostics 

  • Nutritional Management

  • Behavior counselling

  • Hospice 


Animals We see:

  • Dogs

  • Cats

  • Pigs:  

  • Sheep

  • Goats

For Farm Animals, during our mobile veterinary or house call visit we offer pig hoof trimming, tusk trimming, skin infections, ear infections, wound care, medicine, minor surgeries, neuter and hospice. 

                All house calls are scheduled basis only.  We offer services from Mon- Sat only. 


                                                For more information and to make appointment,


                                                                    Call us at 904-992-1888

    13947 Beach Blvd #105; Jacksonville, FL 32224

    Phone: 904-992-1888

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